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Recruiting a Freelance Team

What happens when you have your best idea ever but need help executing it? You hire a team of freelancers to save the day. Book a consultation with RESH Global to find out how they can help. Here are some things to consider as you find and hire top freelancing talent from around the world.

Finding Your Crew

While you might have a few workers in your personal circle you can recruit, you'll most likely need to turn to the internet to source your freelance team. Online job boards are a great place to find talent from all over the world. Ideally, you hire freelancers who are capable of working independently and with minimal supervision. To secure highly-skilled Brazilian freelancers, for instance, consider using Upwork. Because you aren't necessarily limited by geography, you have a larger pool of applicants to work with, which increases your chance of finding the top freelancers for your team. However, be mindful of time zone differences and cultural or language barriers as you search the globe for your team.

Talk Like a Team

Even if all your freelancers are working independently on individual projects, it's still a good idea to have a way for them to communicate with each other. Not only does this help build a sense of community between them, but it can also be useful for collaboration and idea-sharing. You can facilitate this by setting up a special messaging channel via platforms such as Slack or Microsoft Teams. In this space, your freelancing team can connect and you can easily send information to everyone.

Legalize It

As your business takes off, make sure all your administrative affairs are in order. Consider registering your company as a limited liability company (LLC), which offers you legal protection as well as tax advantages. Be sure to check with your state for specific rules and regulations regarding LLCs. To save time and money, you can also form the LLC yourself or use a business formation service.

Finance Your Freelancers

One of the best ways to keep your freelancers happy is to pay them on time. Make sure you have a system in place for paying your freelancers on a regular basis. If you're working with freelancers abroad, sending and receiving payments can get tricky and expensive fast. If you have workers in Brazil, try using a low-cost money transfer system such as Remitly. You'll still have to pay fees, but with Remitly, they're much lower than other transfer services, and all the fees are posted on its website, so there are no surprises on payday.

Keep It Simple

Assembling a professional team of employees almost always requires some paperwork. PDFs are some of the best types of documents to use because they allow for easy on-page annotation and tracked changes. Conveniently, you can also merge multiple PDFs and send them as one file. Use free online tools to convert PDFs to other types of files, including Word documents


Freelancers for the Win

If you hire the right talent, you'll see that freelancers can produce high-quality work and be vital to your company. Use online resources to hire, retain, and pay your freelancing team, and take the proper legal steps to ensure your business is properly set up to thrive.

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