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Everything You Need to Know About Monitoring Your Website Performance

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Website performance monitoring is essential if you run a business online. Your website is the very foundation of your online business, and it needs to be strong and reliable to withstand anything you demand of it. Your website should be prepared to handle unexpected traffic spikes, cyberattacks, advanced ecommerce functionality, machine learning tools, automation programs, and more. Check out the following tips from RESH Global to learn all of the ways website monitoring can benefit your business.

Learn How to Use Process Mining

Process mining is a great way to improve the user experience for website visitors. User experience (UX) involves more than just the appearance of your website and the fonts and graphics you choose. It’s about how easy it is for customers to navigate your website, how quickly pages load, and how swiftly the interface facilitates whatever it is your customers are trying to do. You can use process mining to map out how your customers interact with your website, analyzing the digital footprints left through clicks and interactions to identify at what stage they abandon your sales funnel. Take advantage of online resources to learn more about process mining and how it can help you enhance your business website.

Establish Key Performance Metrics

Monitoring your website can also help you determine information about your visitor conversion rates so you can make adjustments to increase sales. Start tracking specific performance metrics that offer insight into your website visitors. For example, you could track how long customers spend on your website and your bounce rate, which shows the number of visitors that leave your website after visiting only one page. Tracking metrics like these will help you pinpoint issues like certain pages on your website that are turning customers away due to poor design, lengthy copy, or complicated instructions.

Improve Visual Stability

Unexpected website layout shifts often lead to high bounce rates. Have you ever been reading something on a website that suddenly shifted out of view? Or clicked a link by accident because an ad loaded right in front of an image you wanted to enlarge? Experiences like these can make browsing the web infuriating, especially on small mobile screens. Monitoring for Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) can help ensure your valued customers do not experience similar frustrations on your website. High CLS scores are likely to have a negative impact on your audience.

Prevent Data Loss

Data loss can happen for a number of reasons, from server malfunctions to cyberattacks. The bottom line is that data loss can hurt your business, possibly in some irreparable ways. Fortunately, website monitoring can help you avoid catastrophic data loss issues. For example, Webdew explains that monitoring for CMS updates will ensure your website is always running the latest versions of themes, plugins, apps, and software. This is important for securing vulnerabilities and protecting your valuable data!

Optimize Your Search Rankings

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your website’s ranking in search engine results. The higher your website ranks, the more organic (unpaid) traffic you will receive. Many factors can affect your SEO, so it’s important to monitor your ranking so you can act quickly if something goes wrong. Tracking SEO changes on your website will help you identify which parts of your website are bringing in positive SEO results and what factors might be hurting your ranking. For example, you may discover issues with page titles, meta descriptions, page load speeds, or content quality that are negatively affecting your SEO.

If you rely on your website to make sales, generate leads, or provide customers with information, it’s essential that you monitor your website performance. Simple performance issues can quickly spiral into big problems, requiring time and money to fix. By keeping an eye on key performance metrics, tracking visual stability, monitoring for cyber threats, and using process mining to uncover UX problems, you can act quickly to resolve website issues before they get out of control.

Are you looking for more ways to improve your business? Contact RESH Global to learn effective strategies to bring your business goals to life! Call today for a consultation. 1-317-537-7436

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Rye St.Hilaire
Rye St.Hilaire
Aug 29, 2022

Appreciate the insight.

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