RESH Global LLC (RESH) is in the business of improving organizational performance, business sustainability and growth via the use of systems, frameworks, standards and technology to optimize processes that facilitate informed decision making resulting in enhanced employee productivity, and overall organizational performance.


Operating in diverse cultures across the globe RESH has developed a globalized understanding of organizations and the key enablers for business growth.We apply this understanding though our engagement process for business optimization. We recognize that you as a business really just want to serve your clients better. We help you achieve this through aligning your internal systems, processes and technology with your primary purpose, your reason for being.


We therefore help business re-discover why the business exists in the first place, and then align all its information generation, consumption and use to achieving that purpose.


At RESH we see businesses as dynamic systems that function in a changing environment. These systems consist of various components, sub-systems if you will. Like a body the organization cannot function correctly and achieve its intended purpose if some of the sub-systems are experiencing undue challenges.


We acknowledge this connection and dependence of the purpose on the sub-systems to produce growth and sustainable positive performance of the organization. This understanding of the organic connection between purpose and performance informs our engagement process, design and implementation of business systems.


RESH as part of the global corporate environment, facilitates its own relevancy, and that of its clients through the appropriate, responsible and sustainable implementation of business systems.


RESH Global LLC provides business services that inform, facilitate innovation, and support leadership in the creation of trust and value for our clients, our stakeholders, and ourselves. We align business systems with purpose ensuring responsibility and accountablity to our clients, our selves, our stakeholders and the planet.


The Prime Directive forms the basis of all engagements of members of the RESH Global team. This is captured in the simple view that all organizations consist of people, who exercise control and direction through processes that use technology. The appreciation of this fundamental principle creates understanding that the value created by the organization for its clients is through its people.


Prime Directive: “maximize value creation, through people, using dynamic, sustainable systems, processes and technology aligned with purpose”.

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