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Roger St Hilaire

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Roger St Hilaire is an ICT Strategy and Governance Specialist with over 30+ years’ experience in information systems design, development, implementation, and training. His understanding of Governance and Security in ICT in the creation of auditable and repeatable innovation cycles has garnished praises from clients and partner organizations alike. 


Some highlights of Roger’s work over the years: 
●    Designed and implemented the first card-based system for the Port of Spain Adventist Hospital for tracking patient drug use, doctors’ prescriptions on the ward and outpatient. Facilitating accurate tracking and use of control substances throughout the institution, on the ward, in retail, outpatient, surgery and emergency room. The information was leveraged for discussions with doctors on possible alternative drugs and maximum dosage limits. It continued in use for at least 5 years after I left the institution.
●    Designed and implemented the first knowledge library management system for United Nations Economic commission for Latin America and the Caribbean. This facilitated online leveraging of in-house data for better analysis. Also making that data available to various offices. I was invited back for the launch of the next version after leaving the institution.  
●    Designed and implemented the assessment protocols for UNDP for in country assessment of IT capability requirements for optimal country office function in its location. The system was requested by head office for use elsewhere within the organization. It was based on COBIT 4 and 4.1 
●    Designed and implemented the first knowledge engine for UNDP Sub-Regional Resource Facility. The system known as the Request Tracker facilitated workflow-based tracking of all queries coming into the organization from inception along with all the work done including searches and documents shared with the client. It tracked time used in addressing the query, the material used to solve the query and any additional supplemental information shared with the client in solving the issue at hand. The system keeps all queries categorized according to the UNDP keyword data set and was fully searchable by staff for reuse of information in solving new queries. Additionally, the system via a single click could report on the productivity of staff, by staff-member based on time period, categorizing the results in the UNDP focus areas.
●    Took over the management and growth of a $70 million USD dual data center national network system for the Trinidad and Tobago Government. Expanding it from 400+ connected sites to 512 within one year with no breaches and increasing customer satisfaction with use of the network. Motivated the teams and increased team moral while increasing performance to handle upward of 2000 Queries per month with a customer satisfaction rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5. 
●    Negotiated with vendors to support the organization during a crisis event to the tune of approximately $200K USD committed support with no payback required. 
●    Saved a BPR client $60KUSD by reviewing and realigning the analysis of one of their support lines leveraging COBIT 5. The actions improved the organization’s ability to support its field teams and streamline its update and testing metrics for increased reliability. 
●    Improved security for BPR client by reviewing the processes used for information exchange, and metrics used for management of funds on site at the retail outlets.

Leveraging extensive experience in people leadership, strategic planning, process analysis, metrics design and systems management, Roger has had tremendous success over the years and has served as a key contributor to the achievements of the organizations he’s worked with. As a consultant in various organizations, he has helped develop strategies and implement process improvement initiatives that focused on the company’s long-term use of IT and how to best optimize for strategic goals.
Systems designed by Roger have improved organizational output 3-1 by comparison with similar organizations. His operations in multinational environments across the globe facilitates his deep understanding of the human component in every engagement.  

Roger brings his expertise, love for life and people, to helping people and organizations grow and optimize in their service to the purpose they were created for.

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