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The Right Tech Tools That Will Win Your Small Business Big Successes

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Small business owners need to wear multiple hats, create successful practices, and retain employees -- all while mastering efficiency and boosting business. You can do this the long, hard way or utilize tools that make your job easier. Investing in tech tools is simply a non-negotiable for small businesses today and the easiest way to carve out success.

However, many business owners think tech is pricey, complicated, and out of reach. Not only is that untrue, but tech is also one sector in business that you cannot afford to ignore. Here, RESH Global LLC walks you through the best ways to navigate this critical investment.

Strategic Content

Setting up a beautifully designed site and e-commerce shop isn’t going to cut it anymore. All businesses that do a majority of their business online need to leverage strategic content effectively. According to SEO Hacker, every company needs a strong landing page, excellent search engine optimization, blog pages, and call-to-action buttons. These essential tech practices will ensure clients find your services, are interested in what you’re selling, and then convert their click to a buy as they are persuaded by your website.

Content is also king when it comes to having a social media presence as part of your overall marketing strategy. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, staying on top of your social media platforms is essential in today’s high-tech world of consumer goods and services. But don’t fret if you either do not have the time to DIY or you’re simply clueless about where or how to start. A number of programs are available to make your job easier, such as the Instagram story template solution from Adobe. This program allows you to upload photos or choose from a huge library of graphics and designs to customize your Instagram story posts.

Another critical element is to create a socially responsible business with a racially equitable team, a successful logo, and a positive customer relations channel. Online tech providers can help you master these elements, so you’re retaining your loyal customer base for years to come.

Optimized Experience

In addition to your website remaining secure, you’ll need to ensure that it is optimized for a seamless client experience. In fact, a study by Google demonstrated that speed matters -- 53% of users abandoned sites that took over three seconds to load! Therefore, look for developers who will optimize your website and its content. You will also need to ensure that your site is optimized for mobile devices, as mobile-friendly features will help you reach a larger audience.

Automated Payroll

Do you want to spend your days calculating gross pay, tax deductibles, and paycheck transfers? Probably not. If you’re not yet using intuitive payroll software to supplement your payroll services, you are wasting precious time and effort. This technology is critical for every business, as it affords you great flexibility and organization with minimal expenses and labor.

Look for a service provider that offers automatic payroll scheduling, calculating, and tax filing to make your payroll system seamless and mistake-proof. You can also set up same-day direct deposits and take advantage of features that help you better manage employee benefits, which are great bonuses.

Website Security

Small business owners are more likely to be susceptible to scams and hacks than giant corporations. The reason for this? Many new business owners fail to take cybersecurity measures seriously. However, it is critical to protect your online assets, such as valuable company data, plans, strategies, documents, and client information. If your content management system (CMS) or customer website isn’t up to scratch, you’re inviting hackers to come to infiltrate your systems. Security breaches have gotten many businesses into significant trouble, so utilize website security software for smooth sailing.

Track Performance

Square 2 Marketing advises using technology to monitor your revenue and business progress. To grow and succeed, you’ll need to know what’s working and what isn’t. Are your investments paying off? How are clients responding? Are there repeat purchases? Don’t let these questions go unanswered. Be sure to use tools that help you analyze website data and traffic to have a good idea of where your business is heading.

With the right software, programs, tools, and strategies, owners can grow their business by leaps and bounds. The right tech resources will help you stay focused on the important stuff like growing and scaling your business, rather than mundane, repetitive tasks. Technology is the ultimate way to keep current and take your small business to new heights.

An essential skill every business needs is to gain credibility and attract new customers. RESH Global LLC will help you craft the right brand, message, and culture for your unique business needs. Call us today for a consultation! 1-317-537-7436


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