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Amazon's Purchase of Whole Foods a Win for us All??

The purchase of Whole Foods by Amazon can be seen as a study in optimization. Whole Foods already a leader in organic brand recognition with a healthy (no pun intended) physical foot print provides access to healthy foods at reasonable prices. Amazon the online giant with time to delivery optimization, warehousing and killer logistics management can now be a win for the health industry and those seeking healthy food options.

5 grain bread

Possibilities -

Amazon logistical support with Whole Foods products enables a possible home delivery on-demand health options shopping experience that could possibly increase the physical store throughput. Meaning that each store now becomes a warehouse and online distribution point for Whole Foods products to its catchment area.

Yeah so what? Well lets put it this way the people that would usually go to a whole foods to purchase stuff but are on the road, can now order from the comfort of the hotel room and have a healthy meal or other cooking options delivered to their door.

Possibilities tablet with possibilities

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Additional support for recipes and other food related prizes along with immediate delivery is now a greater possibility. Linking various food delivery services that need fresh ingredients for their recipes that are pre-packaged for delivery to your home, can now rely on possible supplies from Whole Foods with Amazonian accuracy and speed.

While there may be some adjustment of the in-store experience, it may be that leveraging that massive back-end logistics infrastructure can be a win for us all !! Reducing barriers to access and improving the general heath of the population. :)

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