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Business Coaching and Development 

RESH Global helps business improve their organizational performance, business sustainability and growth via coaching and guidance in the development and use of relevant systems, frameworks, standards and technology. This approach helps build internal capacity to utilize key systems tools and frameworks in the context of the organization, as learning is delivered while working on the organization's challenges and developing solutions.  

Using our unique engagement protocols the RESH Global Engagement Matrix© also known as REM©, The engagement is driven by the Journey System  focus on the information within the organization, and behaviors required to maximize the organizations value proposition. This approach across the key catalysts for organizational function, facilitates a holistic understanding of its distinctive information needs and flows. 


Employing this methodology ensures alignment with the organization's Mission and Vision thereby maintaining and enhancing its unique contribution to the world.

Working with key personnel in the organization along with relevant training and workshops at specific intervals, our methods focus on getting relevant information to key personnel, effecting change, growth and performance. Training and workshop sessions are confined to half a day at most so your staff is working and applying what they have learnt as soon as they get the information. We then work along with the staff applying what they have learnt to the environment immediately.


This creates confidence and context for the use of tools and frameworks within the organization.


Feel free to contact us for a chat about how we can help your organization improve.

Phone: 1-317-537-7436


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