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What makes an organization work ? - Technology

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Part 3 in a 3 part series on the basic components of an organization.


What is technology anyway ? And why is it important? One may argue that technology makes things better. On the other hand technology makes things that are bad, worse or good, better.

Lots of options here. The question is with all this tech what are you going to do with it?

Technology, tech, tech, what is that and how can I harness this for the betterment of the organization. Key to the application of tech is the objective of the tech. Tech short for technology is really about extending humanity's knowledge and ability to achieve. It may be simple such as a stapler used to keep papers together, or a binder used to keep more paper in one organized place. How about a pencil and paper used to convey ideas.

Each of the items mentioned above are not electronic but are tools for making things easier or more organized and accessible to humans. This is what technology does. When we refer to technology we in this time tend to think it's something electronic. But rather it is what is used to solve a problem its is at the very heart a tool of service.

Technology therefore enhances or make easier something that we want to achieve. To function well, it needs direction. The stapler needs paper to staple, the binder paper to bind. You don’t purchase a binder and then wonder what am I going to put in it. Your purchase of a binder is directly related to the solving the problem of organizing your paperwork. This bring us to our next question.

How do I choose the right technology for my organization?

Technology is directional it leverages the environment for purpose and changes the environment into which it is implemented. This is true of any technology. The staple comes in to the environment of flying papers and the binder into disorganized papers. The environment gives it purpose, a direction. In the case of the staple and the binder their existence then facilitates the organization of the environment, its is no longer chaos, they have affected the environment. They have changed the environment and made it better, more effective for doing the work, whatever that work is.

Now that the environment has been organized, it now needs to be maintained. The processes need to be updated to enable the staple and the binder to do their best work . The very fact that the staple and binder exist enable opportunities for being able to take on more work. As you now have the environment organized you are able to work more efficiently.

In choosing the right technology for your organization, the understanding of the organization is paramount yes. However a clear understanding of technology that exists and how that technology affects the environment is also needed. This is as important as the technology itself and the business that is to employ it. Along with the understanding of both the business, that is the problem that your business exists to solve and the technology an objective or direction is critical and I would suggest as critical as the other two. As with any three legged stool the problem that we are solving, technology, how we solve the problem and direction, why we solve the problem, are equally needed for the stool to stand.

People, Process, Technology

People, Process, Technology, different but the same. People form the life blood of the organization. The processes are the veins and arteries when properly routed they facilitate movement of the people to affect the environment. The technology is added to the processes enhancing the ability of the people to do that which is needed to optimally serve the client. Enhancing any one of these is a plus but affecting all three is a quantum leap in organizational performance.

In this dynamic environment of change and adjustments to the way we work and deliver services, it is imperative that all three dimensions of the business be addressed. Understanding the people and the processes speaks to the direction of the organization where does it want to go what does it want to achieve. The technology only gains real relevance in the context of a defined direction and purpose. As we stated earlier in this article Technology makes things more efficient, it’s a tool. Like any tool if used incorrectly it will bring disastrous results. However the same tool used with appropriate skill facilitates a change in the environment that enhances the performance of all that are connected to that environment.

Technology is a powerful tool in the arsenal of business growth and service delivery. Choosing the appropriate tool and correctly applying to the environment is key to success.

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