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Managing Risks to Build a Successful Business in 2021

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Have you been thinking about starting a business for a while now? Are you nervous about the economic uncertainties of our time and wondering if you should wait it out before launching your dream venture?

Here’s the thing. There are absolutely challenges to starting a business in 2021. But in many ways, this is also an excellent time to get your company up and going. Interest rates are still low, availability of global talent is high, and consumers are looking for new needs to be met.

So, if you decide to do the thing, how do you set yourself up for a strong start and long-term success? You came to the right place! RESH Global has provided some tried-and-true strategies for managing your risks and startup capital:

Keep Business and Personal Separate

One mistake that many entrepreneurs make is that they fail to separate business from personal. This can cause tons of issues down the road. If you haven’t already, open a business account that you use only for conducting business. Also, consider forming an LLC, which will personally protect you from any debts or other liabilities related to your company.

While you’re at it, think about setting up a DBA. Registering your “doing business as” name is relatively simple, especially when you work with a formation service. It will allow you to sell various products under a different name, which is a great way to expand your business. And it also comes in handy if you have trouble establishing a unique domain.

Do Lots of Research

A lot of business risks can be mitigated with research. Before you launch your company, it’s critical that you are confident in the viability of your offerings. Take the time to brainstorm as many business ideas as you can, and make a shortlist of those that line up with your interests, skills, and knowledge. Then, conduct market research to see which ideas can best meet consumer needs.

Plan Each Step

After you’ve chosen your business idea, you need to put it into a business plan. This is essential because your business plan will serve as a map to success. It will outline all the relevant information about your company and help direct every major business decision moving forward. If you’ve never created a business plan before, look into free online templates to get an idea of what is involved.

Prioritize Cash Flow

All business risks are connected to money, whether directly or indirectly. When you have healthy cash flow, you can sidestep a lot of potential problems and ensure that your company has the means to grow as you envision. Estimate all of your startup and operational costs for the first few years, create a budget that you can stick to, and explore funding options that will work in your favor.

Moreover, avoid making frivolous purchases like many new entrepreneurs do. Focus on what your company needs for healthy growth, and only buy the necessities when you’re starting out.

Look into Insurance Options

Finally, you may benefit from purchasing insurance when you start a business. Insurance is complex, but it essentially transfers your company's risks to an insurance provider. Research life insurance, professional insurance, disability insurance, completed operations insurance, and any other types to determine if your business needs them.

The times we live in are ripe with opportunities for new businesses. If you decide this is the moment to launch your venture, get a strong start by figuring out how to mitigate the risks. Along with following the tips above, keep researching other methods of strengthening your financial position, reducing your risks, and maximizing your opportunities!

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Jane Hill
Jane Hill
16 nov 2021

Our service will help your company build a successful business and develop in spite of the Covid pandemic.

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