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Implementing and Auditing CIS Security Controls




3 Days


About the Course

This course is targeted to helping teams design and implement controls that are in alignment with the organization’s objectives. Leveraging the principles in the CIS controls you will learn tools and techniques that will facilitate application of these controls in the context of the organization.

Key topic areas to be covered:

• Information Control Concepts
• Security Controls as Listed by CIS
• Control design and management (metrics)
• Control implementation for Auditability
• The Audit and review process

Your Instructor

Roger St Hilaire

Roger St Hilaire

Roger St Hilaire is an ICT Strategy and Governance Specialist with over 30+ years’ experience in information systems design, development, implementation, and training. His understanding of Governance and Security in ICT in the creation auditable and repeatable innovation cycles has garnished praises from clients and partner organizations alike.

Roger has had tremendous success over the years and has served as a key contributor to the achievements of the organizations he’s worked with. As a consultant in various organizations he has helped develop strategies and implement process improvement initiatives that focused on the company’s long-term use of IT and how to best optimize for strategic goals.

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