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Strategy finds its legs in Operations our founder always says. Therefore RESH Global's service offerings take into consideration the Strategic Bearing(SB) "organizational posture regarding the use of information technology tools and services for value creation.”  Also the Operational Effectiveness(OE)“the optimization of the value creation systems and processes within the organization.”

Understanding that Operational Effectiveness requires a clear and actionable Strategy. Our services center around enabling the purpose of the organization through operationalization of appropriate strategy via technology.


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Strategic Bearing (SB)


"organizational posture regarding the use of information technology tools and services for value creation.”

Strategy & Organization


Sustainable growth strategy development and implementation through purpose based operational design. We partner with you the client to develop IT strategic and operational plans to achieve organizational goals centered on fostering innovation, appropriate prioritization of IT initiatives in alignment with business objectives for value creation, regulatory compliance and audit viability.

​Innovation Enablement 


Innovation is not just the coming up of new ideas but being able to execute effectively on the new idea. RESH Global helps organizations create cycles that facilitate the process of innovation. These engagements include working with the personnel, processes and systems to cultivate an environment where ideas or inventions can be converted into a good or service that creates value or for which customers will pay. 

​Sustainable Development


Sustainable development may seem strange for a consulting firm but this is one of the pillars of our operations. We seek to build in sustainability for clients by maintaining the links to the strategic intent of the organization i.e. its purpose, throughout our engagments. This is more of an art than hard science, however using Key Indicators and international standards and frameworks we facilitate the sustainable development of our clients through activities such as business process re-engineering and other process improvement undertakings.

Operational Effectiveness (OE)


“the optimization of the value creation systems and processes within the organization.”

​Cognitive Improvement


Organizations are run by people, who exercise control and direction through processes that use technology. Understanding this fundamental concept, we facilitate improved cognitive performance via our interactive training sessions, coaching and development workshops. These engagements improve the key factor in the organization which is the person.

IT Risk & Resource Optimization


IT is pervasive in today's world so the Risk & Resources associated with IT investments must not be just managed but Optimized. This is seen in fundamental strategic activities such as the development of information technology annual operating and capital budgets in the context of the purpose of the organization. This gives direction to the operational aspects; development of control systems and processes, business case justifications and cost/benefit analyses for IT spending and initiatives.

Operational Management 


We acknowledge that the strategic intent is made reality in operations. These operations must be sustainable over the long haul, providing assurance of continuous delivery of IT services through facilities such as Vendor Management, and Service Level Agreements. Assurance of IT systems operations via establishment of Key Performance Indicators, and other supporting methods for disaster recovery, and business continuation.

​Systems Acquisition and Deployment


Having a great strategic plan and operational team does not always enable upgrades and new systems or process deployments to go smoothly. We provide coordination and facilitation of consultation with stakeholders to define business and systems requirements for new technology implementations. This includes the establishment of the before during and after states for resources including personnel skill level, quantity and training requirements, if any, across all phases. We also establish clear requirements for other resources connected to the initiative across all phases, including any policy and regulatory changes required.

Conceptualise - Innov & Opt
Adapt - Strat and Brain
Grow - Sustain & Operate
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