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Empowering Your Organization

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

REM-Journey product as part of the RESH Global REM(RESH Empowerment Matrix) Suite of services and tools. It specifically facilitates accurate assessment of your business' current state with scores and paths to improve the business in the areas most important to you. Leveraging the information within you and your team, you are provided with clearly defined parameters, objectives and behaviors that enable the growth of your business with performance measure that you can actually use.  The REM- Journey Product assess your organization across 47 principles centered on 4 core areas that a business needs to manage appropriately for sustainable growth. These four areas Strategy, Implementation, Money and People provide the pivot points for tuning the organization for success. Drilling progressively to the 47 principles a very clear picture of the business and the required actions emerge. The internationally recognized JRS Score helps you the business leader plot a way forward that meets your unique business objectives. Usually an assessment and the supporting engagement is 3-6mth process of back and forth. Not to mention the cost and time constraints with your staff. The REM-Journey online tool can reduce that time to 1.5 -3.5 hours and improve accuracy of the results. A consultant works with you and your team to execute the assessment and provide additional support in the implementation of the recommendations. This engagement process improves retention of the lessons learnt and the realization of the objectives. Connect with one of our agents and explore the possibilities for your business to grow and improve. Click to connect with one of our agents. Visit our website and have a look around.

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