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Organizations are run by people, who exercise control and direction through processes that use technology. Understanding this fundamental concept, we facilitate improved cognitive performance via our interactive training sessions, coaching and development workshops. These engagements improve the key factor in the organization which is the person.

Please see below our list of standard workshops that are available to your organization. Note that this list is by no means comprehensive as we are developing unique workshops all the time. Call or e-mail us for a current list of available workshops 

All workshops can be customized to meet a specific need in your organization or we can design one from the ground up unique to your organization.

IT Governance for Executives

ICT Governance in an organization- private or public. This intense course meets the need of non-ICT executives in the c-suite, board and upper management to understand the requirements for governing the ICT within the organization effectively for performance. 

Business Process Re-Engineering

Empower Process Engineers, Quality Improvement Managers and any persons interested in improving the processes within their organization, with the tools and skills to develop, assess and repair business processes in alignment with the organisation strategy. 

Project Management and Appraisal

Project Management concepts and tools that apply to the challenges of  managing large installations and projects with a focus on a common Risk Management language across disciplines to foster open communication and improved outsourced component management. 

Project Management for the Administrative Professional

Learn key Project Management concepts and practical tools that would apply to the work of administrative professionals or anyone with a need to improve their administrative effectiveness.


Key learnings include:

  • Understand  the role of project management in your organization

  • Identifying  the different stages within a project

  • Project tools for enhanced performance

  • Solutions for multiple priorities and conflicting demands

  • Documentation the unsung hero of effectiveness

  • Tools to monitor and present updates with confidence

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